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A Cut Above Tree Service LLC has been pruning trees in Delaware County for over a decade.  If you live in the Delaware County or surrounding counties and looking for a free estimate, please call 610-999-5889.   Below you will find a list of information on tree pruning.

1.  Promotes plant health 
2. Get rid of dead branches that has been diseased, has been invaded by animals, severe rain storms and more.  
3. Take out the branches that are touching and rubbing against each other.   
4. Remove old unwanted tree stubs

Prune to help sustain plants health.  This will assist flower and bud development and new growth.  Not only will this help the bush or trees health, but it will improve the plants appearance.  The majority of homeowners like a plants natural formation.  So avoid shearing them incorrectly and leave it to the pros at A Cut Above Tree Service by calling 610-999-5889

Delaware County's Premier Tree Pruning and Tree Service Company.